3 Things to Look For in a Trustworthy Online Casino Site

With COVID-19 pandemic still inflicting damage on public health for most countries, bettors from all around the world are looking online to bet on casino games in the safety of their homes. Luckily, with everything going online nowadays, the surge of casino games available online created more options for those who want to indulge in betting and playing casino games. 

Still, with the demand of casinos mostly shifting online, a lot of unsafe and illegitimate online casinos have popped up too. 

“Many players and bettors have already been victimized by illegal or rogue online casinos and they’re being scammed out of their money. With thousands of illegal online gambling sites, it’s quite a struggle to find a legitimate one, especially if you don’t know what and where to look for,” says Mr. Ong, the current head of WS88 in Singapore.

Fortunately, there are green flags that you can look for in an online casino to verify if  it’s safe and legal. That said, here are some tips on how to find a reputable online casino for safe gambling.

 Your Data is Protected

“One of the most important things you have to make sure in an online casino is its data encryption technology. This tech makes sure that the data you’re inputting in the casino is protected from prying eyes. Data like your personal information, bank accounts, etc., are absolutely important so having their information hidden is a must.” Mr. Ong shares.

Data encryption is also important for securing online transactions like making online deposits and withdrawals. If you know anything about data encryption, you’ll know that most casinos employ either 256-bit or 128-bit SSL encryption. However, if you don’t know anything about encryption, seeing HTTPS:// is a good sign that a site is protected.

It Has a License to Operate

Another thing you should look for in an online casino is its license. Having a license means that you have been intensively researched on and checked by the authorities and it can span for months or even a year. Also, all legitimate online casino in singapore sites are under the same regulating authority.

The licensing authority will check several aspects of the online casino like their criminal background if there is any, functions of the casino including the transactions, data encryption, support for punters, etc., and the technical standards of the website.

It is only after checking all of the necessary stuff of the casino and making sure they are not involved in anything fraudulent that they will be given a license to operate. Usually, you can see their license at the bottom part of their homepage or a specific page within their website that is easy to find. 

Company Information is Transparent

Any probable information that a customer wants to know and is completely legal should be transparent and easy to find. One of these things is its rules and regulation, their license to operate, and how their service works. If this information can’t be found or is within broken links, then it should be a red flag. 

Also, the terms and conditions should always be visible and the customers should be notified every time it changes. Some fraudulent casinos indulge in malpractices by constantly changing their terms and conditions without notifying their customers and will even rip off their money by doing so.


There are bad apples in every industry, and betting is no exception. Fortunately, there are still renowned and trustworthy online casino in singapore and other countries that provide secure and legal betting options. Those who engage in deceptive practices represent a small percentage of the population. Still, that isn’t to say you should trust every online casino you come across. Mr. Ong reminds us that it’s best to always be on the lookout for red flags and don’t disregard them when you encounter them.