Few Will and the Overbet Solutions

The overbet is a poker technique which consists of betting more than the pot (all the bets). While this is a fairly risky technique, some players take the risk even further by deciding to practice it on the river.Basic principle

The term therefore seems simple, it is an “overbet”, which can be practiced after exiting the river, by making a river overbet. If your opponent bets for example 500 while the pot is 100, he is clearly overbetting.

This strategy is most of the time not used when bluffing but rather with a legitimate hand. However, this technique remains very risky and even constitutes, according to many players, a technical fault. Indeed, the risk or gain ratio is very high. These oversized raises are very often paid only by big or even very big hands.

When should I use it?

It is therefore not very common during tournaments. Rather, we practice the pre-flop overbet. Indeed, after the flop, for lack of chips, players only try to take the pot by small bets. And we must not forget that this technique is expensive. It is therefore advisable to use the overbet only in case of attack, when you have strong games that you are looking to make profitable.

It is a blow which is not easy to throw but certain situations however encourage trying it. If you’re dealing with an “unbeatable” opponent and you’ve just hit an unlikely draw, then now is the time to judiqq overbet to maximize the value of your hand. Such a strategy, so unconventional, allows you to hide the strength of your hand because it can make you believe in a pull. It puts the opponent in a state of secondary thinking, especially if the pot is low enough. Indeed, the overbet (practiced, or not, on the river) can make the opponent think that you are trying to steal the pot, that is to say bluffing with a weak hand, or even very weak. Ego is very present around the poker table, so knowing how to exploit it is essential.

When the situation is favorable, do not hesitate to act in an unexpected way by diversifying your game, to confuse your opponents. However, generally speaking it helps to know that overbets are rarely called. It is for these reasons that it is essential to know enough your opponent before starting.

The main points to remember

  • You have to observe your opponents as much as possible in order to get to know them better and thus exploit their weaknesses.
  • An overbet is only used if your hand is strong.
  • A well-used overbet is not a technical error if it allows the opponent to doubt.