Multiple play roulette: yes, multiple bets are possible!

We know that it is also possible to make multiple bets, that is, which cover multiple numbers. The more we enter numbers and plays, the more the number of variants to be taken into consideration expands. It is no coincidence that methods, strategies and calculations have been published for years and years. Knowing the methods will surely help you to play your favorite casino games in Link VAO W88 moinhatkhong bi Chan.Let’s see a series of “classic” bets and the relative winning percentages:

  • Red or Black: it’s very simple here. We have 18 out of 37 favorable outcomes. The result is 0.48, or 48%.
  • Column: we have first, second and third columns, made up of 12 vertical and non-consecutive numbers. By betting on a single column, you win if any of the numbers included in it are thrown. The probability of winning is 12 out of 37, therefore equal to 32.43%.
  • Street bet: consists of betting on a line of the game table containing three consecutive numbers. In this case, the winning percentage is 3 out of 37, and therefore equal to 8.1%.
  • Sestina: means the bet that covers six progressive numbers adjacent to each other. The chances of winning are double compared to the triplets, and therefore of 16.21% .
  • Quatrain: the bet is placed on a square of 4 adjacent numbers and in contact with each other. In this case we have 4 out of 37 favorable outcomes, and a probability of 10.81%.
  • Split:vertically or horizontally – it is a single chip to be wagered on two adjacent numbers.Very intuitively, the chances of success for this play are half the quatrain, and therefore 5.4%.

Online Roulette –

The above applies to both classic and LIVE online roulette, and partly also to online ones. In the latter case, like all other online casino games, the value to which we must refer to evaluate our chances of winning is given by the payout which must necessarily be consulted by the player in the information relating to the chosen roulette wheel. Also in this case we are talking about a percentage value that on average varies from 90% to 95%, and which is strictly connected to the algorithm of random generation of the numbers that will come out on the selected wheel.

Tips for playing roulette –

Each shot is independent from the other. On this assumption, the mathematician Bernoulli elaborated a theorem according to which, as the attempts increase, the probability that the event occurs increases. This leads us to give you a hint based on the law of large numbers: sooner or later a red will come out following a long series of blacks, and vice versa.