A Guide to Online Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. All gamblers enjoy this deceivingly simple game. As simple as it seems, a game of blackjack actually requires a good strategy, skills, and some amount of luck. The payout can be really good sometimes, which is why it is mistaken to be a game where you can easily win. If you expect to win a load of cash from this game, you should probably rethink that.

Just like any other casino game, even blackjack needs to be played properly. The basic requirement is that the players understand how it is played. Thanks to the internet, blackjack can be played online as well. Online blackjack UK is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Not only is it simple to play, but the best online blackjack uk games offer great odds that few other options can offer. Knowing the basic terms and rules will help you form a strategy that will eventually be beneficial for you. Another advantage of playing online blackjack UK is that you can play it for free. This way, you can get a grip on the game without having to bet your real money.

Just to get started, a player should know how blackjack is played. So, in blackjack, the player is required to have a hand value of cards worth 21 or as close to 21 as possible, and also have a better hand value than the dealer. If you exceed 21 points you will automatically lose, even if your hand value is greater than the dealer’s hand. You can also play with other players at the same time that you are playing with your dealer and place multiple bets. Aside from this, the dealer has to follow certain rules. The dealer usually hits a hand value of 16 and sticks to 17. The dealer can also not split or double down or have side bets like the players.

Here are some commonly used terms and rules of blackjack:


Player’s hand:

  • Hit: Request an extra card. You can ask for more hits until you decide to stop or bust (lose).
  • Stand: No further action needed.
  • Double Down: Double the amount of your bet, and get an additional card, and stand.
  • Split: When you have two cards of the same value, you can split the cards into two separate hands with separate bets.
  • Surrender: Giving up half of the bet, if you are likely to lose the hand.
  • Insurance: A side bet available only when a dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. The bet is worth half the value of your original bet and is placed if you think there that the dealer has a blackjack.

Dealer’s hand:

  • The dealer wins if you bust (lose) or surrender.
  • The dealer wins if his total hand value is closer to 21 than the players.
  • The dealer hits if he has a total of 16 or less.
  • The dealer stands if he has a total card value of 18 or more.
  • The dealer stands on a hard 17.
  • The dealer hits on a soft 17.