How you Can Shine Bright with the Bonus Solutions

How you Can Shine Bright with the Bonus Solutions

In the game of Poker the expression poker points means the combination obtained from the cards in possession, which indicate the values ​​of the point available to the player. The strength of the point determines the player’s victory as the highest is generally the winning. This rule is valid for all poker variants that use the 52 playing cards but if the deck is different, the single variant is taken as a point of reference.

The Winning Combinations Of Poker

It is important to know the value of hands in poker to understand if you have a winning hand or not. The scheme that we want to share with you below could be useful, especially if you are approaching the world of Poker for the first time. Go for the free $10 no deposit bonus in this case.


With the straight flush instead there is a combination similar to the previous one but less powerful, it is composed of 5 cards of the same suit. For example, a straight flush can be 5-6-7-8-9 of the same suit, if two players have the same combination, the one with the highest cards wins, otherwise the pot is split.


The Poker is one of the combinations obtained, is to use 4-axis, and a higher value of the paper as possible. When two players have four of a kind, the one with the highest final card value wins.

Full house

Have you ever heard of the Full House? It is a three of a kind and a couple that together form the Full House. The combination is obtained when there are 3 REs and 2 10. When two players have a full house, the one who makes the highest three of a kind wins, for example if aces are used instead of REs, the latter will have a lower value.


With the Color you have a hand consisting of 5 cards of the same suit, so for example 5 hearts or spades, if two players have the same hand, the one who has the combination with the highest value wins, otherwise a comparison is made between second cards until a winner is established.


The Straight is a combination consisting of 5 cards in sequence, therefore starting from a low value to go up or vice versa. When two players have the straight, the winner of the pot is the one who used the cards with the highest value. It goes without saying that those who use the King, Ace, Queen, Jack and 10 have victory in their hands.

3 of a kind

The Tris is a combination that does not happen often in Poker and consists of 3 three jack 8. If two players have three of a kind, the winner will be he or she who will have made up the combination with the highest value. It is usually the fifth card that establishes the pot.