Mistakes to Avoid While Running a Poker Home Game

It is imperative to understand how you need to play the poker game so that even your first trip to the casino is worth remembering. Generally, players get exposed to the fundamentals of poker concerning a home game. If you don’t know much about how to run a poker home game, here you will find a lot of information.

No one forgets playing their first poker home game. It can be a cash game or tournament, but some mistakes can ruin your basic home poker game also. You can look for an agen bandarq to understand poker games easily or go through this blog thoroughly to find out everything related to playing poker home game.

 Most people who play home games complain that there is always a disorganized mess. However, by following some simple steps, you can easily take your home game to a professional level.

Poker Home Games: Less Is More

The most important thing that you must know is all the basic rules of Texas Holdem. It also helps you comprehend how to put your hands into official poker hand rankings.

You must always have one individual alone who looked after buying in, rebuys, and cashing out. Most people allow everyone to get their chip which is the biggest mistake while playing a home game.

There can be even a worse situation when the last two people go to cash out at the end of their game, and they find that there is not enough money to cover their chips. It’s better to allow one person to do all the funds transfering to avoid the cash-out problem.

Setting up a Poker Cash Game

You can easily set up cash games by following a good rule of thumb. Always have hundred big blinds no matter which level of the game you are playing. This is the best method to follow while playing online or live poker games. This way you can play a good game and never feel poker as a push fest.

The most important part of Home game planning is looking after the buy-in. Consider playing a Home game as a fun game. Therefore, it’s better to decide on buy-in-amount beforehand to avoid confusion.


Never go out of your comfort zone to play poker games, as it will no more be a fun game. You can take the help of agen bandarq to understand all types of games in a better way. When you follow all the rules and avoid doing mistakes in home game, your enjoyment goes to the next level.