Sports Bets: Their Types and Their Process of Working

Sports betting has become hugely accessible, but every bettor needs to understand how every bet type works. Some well-known bet types are mentioned below:

Straight bets 

Straight bets are the most common kind of sports wager, and at times, it is also called single bet. When bettors opt for these bets, they wager on the outcome of only one event or game.

Spread bets 

When the matter comes to spread bets, then players assume them to be connected to margins of victory. Spread bets involve either taking or giving away some points/runs/goals, and the sportsbook decides this number. However, bettors must be responsible enough and choose only watching football666 (ดูบอล666). A bettor chooses whether or not he will “give” or “take” the spread.

Parlay bets

Parlays are considered to be a mixture of two or more two straight wagers right into one single bet. A parlay seems to be popular as it opens up the door for bettors so that they can win impressive payouts risking only some money from their end. Sports bettors should be mindful that parlays of different sizes are tough to hit, and if they add more legs, the extent of toughness increases exponentially.

Some popular kinds of parlays are:

Multi-game – When parlays are built with bets that come from various games, then it is called multi-game parlays.

Same-game – A same-game parlay is built with several bets, and they all emerge from only one game.

Total bets

A total bet and point spread share many similarities. Total bets are also known as under or over-betting. When a bettor bets a total, then he predicts whether the two sides would integrate for fewer or more goals/points/runs compared to the total amount that the sportsbook has posted.

Future bets

A future bet is another way to get included in sports betting. Here, in future bets in place of wagering on a specific game that takes place this week or today, bets get decided in the forthcoming days. Bettors love future bets as they propose greater odds, and so they get bigger potential payouts compared to straight bets.

Prop bets – Though other markets concentrate on a game or event’s outcome, a prop bet is related to the performance of only one athlete.

Some well-known kinds of prop bets are:

Game group – Game group bets are connected to only one game, like selecting a player who is going to hit the initial home run when it is an MLB game.

Player group – This is connected to the performance of only one player, such as goals made in a hockey game.

Novelty prop – Novelty prop remains reserved for grand events, such as the Super Bowl.


In sports betting, bettors place their bets on a particular sporting event and also win some amount of money when the player or team they bet on becomes the winner. But bettors should only choose football betting (แทงบอล) as it is a trustworthy website.