A Finer Solution for the Straight Win At the Online Betting

The great merit of the mathematician results from the popularization of this series in the West, where it was completely unknown. The Fibonacci series has been known to Indian mathematicians since the 6th century, but its popularity remained only within the borders of India. Wonderfully transposed in the Book of Abacus, the string will prove extremely useful later, helping to calculate interest, foreign exchange and the conversion of measures.

What Games Can You Use To Use The Fibonacci Strategy?

It is true that when you decide to bet on your favorite roulette number or you want to ask the dealer for another card to get 21 in blackjack, you often rely on luck. However, the time has come for you to apply the Fibonacci strategy. One of these strategies that is constantly used by players involves the Fibonacci string, which is great for application to most games of chance. And yet, 2 games of chance are the most used for the application of this series, games that have been, are and continue to be in the top of preferences. It’s about roulette and bandarqq.



The roulette often ranks 1st in the popularity of classic or live board games. There are bets where the chances of winning are very low but also some where you have a 50% chance of beating the house. If you bet only on one number, the odds assigned by the casino is 35: 1, which means that at 100 dollar you bet you will have a substantial win that amounts to the beautiful amount of 3500 dollars. But the chances of success are extremely low, if luck is not your reliable friend. The advice is to focus on the bets that have the highest chance of success. These are the color type bets where you can bet on red and black, or the even or odd type bets to which are added the external type bets such as column and dozen.

Once you have decided which bets to use, it is time to apply the Fibonacci strategy or technique. You need to make a clear correlation between betting and applying the Fibonacci string. You bet 1 on 10 lei, bet 2 on the same amount, bet 3 on 20 lei, bet 4 on 30 lei, bet 5 on 50 lei and bet 6 on 80 lei. As you can see, the amounts have increased according to the Fibonacci sequence, but you have to take it from the beginning once you have won . According to the example above, if bet 6 is a winner, it will recover your previous losses and bring you a grand win. If you have a few such extra bets, then you can say that you made a nice profit.

The casinos that house this board game in their offer give you the opportunity to try them in the demo version in order to get acquainted with their operation. Below we recommend the best casinos and their related games in which you can apply the newly learned strategy.

How it is Done?

On Betano, for example, you can benefit from multiple roulette variants, the most suitable of which would be:

Diamond Bet Roulette, where you can place indoor and outdoor bets from a minimum of 0.10 EURO to a maximum of 10,000 EURO. Roulette plays the European version, meaning you can bet on 36 numbers and in addition on the number 0. It is the most suitable option because the house edge in this case amounts to 2.7%, which will greatly increase your chances of winning.