Sports Bets: Why and How You Can Really Win

The sports bets are a separate activity. If you are embarking on online betting with great ambitions, you must master the codes of this very special universe. To take a concrete example, sports betting odds are intimately linked to your earnings prospects. In this article, we are going to introduce you to how sports betting odds work.

What is a sports betting odds? 

Each sports bet comes with an odds, whether it is a land or online bookmaker. In reality, this is a number that tells you how high your bet will be paid out in the event of a winning prediction. The odds also allow you to gauge the likelihood of each outcome. We will take a concrete example below so that you can better understand the role of a sports betting odds.


In tennis, where there is no possibility of a draw like in football, you can bet on two potential outcomes: the victory of player A or the victory of player B. If the bet on the victory of player A is quoted at 1.60 and player B’s bet on winning is 5.50, this means that player A’s chances of winning are higher than those of player B. In general, the lower the odds, the higher the chances of winning your game. The Bet turns out to be substantial, even if it is necessary to be attentive to the calculations carried out by the bookmakers.

How are sports betting odds calculated?

In order to increase their chances of winning situs judi slot online from the start, new bettors naturally ask themselves the following question: how are the odds for sports betting calculated? It should be noted that two factors are generally taken into account when calculating the odds available on online bookmakers: the results of computer software and those of traders hired by the bookmaker.

  • Computer software calculates thousands of data to analyze the chances of victory of a player or a team: the outcome of previous matches, the results obtained during the season, the general classification, the number of goals scored or cashed, individual performances or even the history of confrontations, to name just these statistics.

The resulting odds are then taken by traders who will modify or interpret them according to the news that software cannot calculate. In particular, an injury that occurred during the last game can influence the odds depending on the speed of recovery or the decision made by the coach. Thus, the odds fluctuate according to the events and according to the results obtained during the competition.


During Euro Football 2016, the teams considered as favorites (France, Spain, Italy, Germany) had lower odds than the teams classified as underdogs. Portugal’s odds for a place in the final were also quite high before the competition: 18.00, which proves that this result seemed unlikely. As the competition and Portugal games went on, that rating started to drop.


As you can see, how odds work is actually quite easy to understand. New bettors should still learn not to choose the lowest odds systematically and to rely primarily on their own analysis. Low odds are less profitable and can sometimes have been set by online bookmakers with an idea behind their mind.

So a piece of advice, focus on the sports (football, rugby, basketball, tennis, American football, etc.) that you master the best and prepare your forecast using your knowledge without relying solely on the odds available.