Inside Bets and Outside Bets

Roulette is a popular game but you cannot start playing it right away. You need to be aware of the different bets involved in roulette. Most rulet sitesi offers mainly two types of bets. These are the inside bets and the outside bets. These bets have their own sets of risks and rewards. The inside bets have higher payouts while outside bets have higher chances of winning. We have mentioned some of the important points about inside and outside bets so that you can understand them easily.

Inside Bets

In inside bets, you can bet on a number which they feel the ball would stop. A single bet is placed on a single number which is also known as “straight”. The odds of winning in this type of bet are low while the payout is highest among different bets. You can also bet on different numbers. When you place a bet on three consecutive numbers, it is called a “street”. While a “double street” includes a set of three horizontal numbers. There is also the “corner” bet which is placed at the four number’s intersection. A “trio” bet consists of a set of numbers with a minimum of one zero. There are other terminologies in inside bets which you have to be familiarised with. Inside bets have lower chances of winning which makes it risky but the risk can be worth it with a huge payout. 

Outside bets

Outside bets are a broad category of bets. Unlike inside bets, in outside bets, you can place bets on a particular type of numbers instead of a specific number. This increases the odds of winning while keeping the payouts lower. You can start with outside bets as a beginner in live roulette. Outside bets are of similar types which you can make. You can bet on balls landing on colors such as black or red. In the betting table, 23 numbers consist of red and black colors equally. This greatly increased the odds of winning. Similarly, you can place bets on odd or even numbers, low or high numbers. You can also place a “dozen” bet from a set of 1 to 3 dozens. In the “column” bet, you can place a bet on a column consisting of 12 numbers.


You can start with outside bets to get a feel of the game and to understand it. When you feel ready to play and risk your money, you can place bets on inside bets. You can try out these bets in rulet sitesi.